About the Show


ICONICLES is an innovative, multi-media entertainment experience for pre-school children (aged 4 to 6) that marries animation, live action and visual effects in an emotionally engaging way. 


Nat, an energetic young inventor, has created a futuristic, interactive screen system ( the Iconi-Screen) in his fantastic studio (the Iconicarium), where he can work and play (live action). This screen gives Nat access to an otherwise undiscovered world – the world of the Iconicles (2D animation).  And, even more incredible than that, the screen serves as a portal through which the Iconicles can join Nat in his world (3D animation)!


ICONICLES is a half-hour show that combines traditional 2D animation with live action and state-of-the-art CGI. It allows the animated characters to join our live action host in his studio to hang out, to find out something specific or just wreak havoc!

Starring a troupe of animated animal characters, every episode of ICONICLES has a narrative animated story at its centre and is peppered with games, songs and silliness, with each segment serving to take our 4-6 year old audience on a journey of discovery and to encourage them to think creatively and critically about the world around them.

Nat introduces the Iconicles’ animated antics, guides the audience through each episode and makes connections to reinforce a central theme.  He is the Iconicles’ (and the audience’s) friend and mentor - but the Iconicles are able to teach Nat a thing or two as well…

Find out more about Nat, your guide to the Iconicles' world!

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Where do the Iconicles live?  See the worlds Nat longs to visit!

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Who are the Iconicles?  Find out about Nat’s friends here.

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