Down on the Farm

The farmyard is ruled by Miss Moo, a natural-born leader and organiser. Miss Moo keeps the playful farm animals in line, and is always there to offer advice and guidance.

Other characters are Jasmine the owl, Curly the lamb, Dapper the duck, Elvis the horse and Bryn the goat

Miss Moo

From the time she was a calf Miss Moo always had leadership skills – so it comes as no surprise that she is the leader Down on the Farm.  Miss Moo has enormous enthusiasm and is always on the lookout for fun activities for the group. But she is a stickler for rules and loves things to be done properly.  She couldn’t be happier than when her friends are engaged in playful activities, knowing that the game was her idea, the rules were her invention and the participants. 


Jasmine can be the grumpiest Farmyard Iconicle you could imagine.  She lives in the barn and is continually woken from her daytime slumbers by the noisier farmyard inhabitants.  She wakes with a start and often says something surreally out of context, being rather sleepy, which makes the others laugh, and Jasmine even crosser.  Her pursuit of a good days sleep often sees her trying to catch some zzzzzzzzz’s in the most unlikely of places.  Jasmine is most definitely not wise, or if she is she keeps it well hidden.  She can’t understand why everyone should imagine she knows all the answers. 


Dapper is a handsome, slightly conceited young duck with an attractive hairdo and stylish feathers.   He doesn’t like to get wet because the water ruins his coiffure, of which he is inordinately vain.  He spends a lot of time near water so that he can admire his reflection.  Dapper is very fond of conversations – especially those that give him a chance to recount his amazing life story.  Fortunately for him he is very entertaining and can always find a ready audience for his tall tales.  Dapper can be a little self-centered but despite this he is a good friend to each of the other Iconicles


Bryn just can’t help getting himself into mischief and the other Farm Iconicles need eyes in the back of their heads to keep track of him.  Like all kids, Bryn loves to climb but he’s not always so adept at climbing back down again, either physically or metaphorically as he can be shall we say, stubborn!  Bryn loves company and always wants to join in.  Despite his tendency to cause mayhem the other Iconicles love his lust for life and his relentless playfulness.  They also love seeing him discover new skills that he didn’t realize he had.  Bryn loves counting, although he is pretty hoScott


In her youth Curly was the bounciest lamb around but she looks forward rather than backward.  Despite her advanced years Curly still keeps a list of things she wants to do and they are all adventurous, even for Iconicles half her age, and she’s still game for anything even if her stiff legs do stop her jumping as high as she would like.  Being the eldest of the Farmyard animals, the other Iconicles  defer to Curly and seek her out for advice.  Despite her motherly appearance, Curly’s advice is more grandmotherly, not always gentle and often with an edge to it.  She will always spur the othe

Elvis P. Giddyup

Elvis is polite and considerate, and relishes the opportunity to do something for others.  Elvis is a bit of a worrier, and the farmyard resident Health & Safety expert.  He’ll always foresee any problems that might arise and would consequently never be the first to try out a new game.

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