The Water's Edge

Naturally inquisitive, impulsive and slightly naïve, Splish and Splash are adorable twin polar bear cubs whose restless energy and constant questioning keeps the other creatures on and around their ice flow on their toes (fins/paws/webbed feet!).

Other characters include Salty the seal, Bubbles the whale, Pele the pelican and Carmen Castenetta the crab


A virtual rhythm machine Carmen Castanetta snaps her claws in time to the music of the ocean. She finds music everywhere and often encourages her pals to join in and jam with her.  Famous for her distinctive sideways dance routine, she can only move sideways and can’t see when the others (usually Splish and Splash) creep up on her. 


Bubbles, for all her enormous size, is delicate and graceful.  Bubbles has a unique perspective on things, since she can almost never join in but must rather sit and watch.  


Salty is an action-junkie extrovert; an energetic explorer who can’t wait to be given a mission so that he can zoom into adventure.  Salty has seen a lot of life in the ocean and is always ready and willing to share his know-how with his friends, whether they ask him to or not. 


A bit like an old military general in his approach, Scotty can be rather brusque in the way he barks out his commands.  Scotty would like to be seen as the authority figure at The Water’s Edge but unfortunately his commands and advice often go ignored by the younger Iconicles. 

Splish and Splash

Splish and Splash are twin polar bear cubs. They are always together, do the same activities, eating the same foods and nearly thinking the same thoughts.  They are sweet and slightly naïve due to lack of experience, full of youthful desire to be just like the older creatures at the Water’s Edge.  They want to be near the action no matter what it is or what is involved. At times, this desire means they show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They don’t mean to cause problems, they are just full of life and naturally curious about the world around them.

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