The Wild Wild Wilderness

In this tropical world, Rumple the rhino is our lead character. Grumpy, slow and considered, Rumple keeps his other wilderness friends grounded and reminds them that sometimes simple is best.

Other characters are Zee the zebra, Mungo the monkey, Crunch the crocodile, Twinkle the elephant and Skye the giraffe


Zee is the ‘Switzerland’ of the group. She does her best to refrain from taking one side over the other in a dispute. In fact, her black-and-whiteness seems to force her into seeing both sides of every issue. Morning is lovely - but afternoon’s nice too, and let’s not forget the beauty of an evening.  


Twinkle is a delicate little flower trapped in the behemoth body of a pachyderm.

She is a bit of a home maker and loves pretty things.  She is dainty, despite her size. 

And, like many girls, she is a terrific athlete with a particular love of dancing.  Twinkle is not afraid to speak her mind and when she’s trumpety furious the other Wilderness animals know about it!


Rumple is the resident sceptic in The Wild Wilderness and is the leader of the wilderness animals. He’s not gloomy or morose, but he considers the world a slightly troublesome place to be and is often found complaining. If his back needs scratching, he must undertake a heroic set of moves in order to scratch it. He is easily irritated, which he shows with a flick of his ears.  Despite his outwardly grouchy mood, Rumple is slow and considered and finds great joy in simple pleasures.


Mungo is a practical joker, a fun-loving prankster who is naughty, but not mean.  He has a horribly short attention span, and he frequently breaks off conversations with others to rush away to do something he just thought of.  He is an upbeat, optimistic sort who leaps before he looks – sometimes causing great chaos before disappearing once again.


Skye is the youngest of the group and is rather naïve and inexperienced.  The other wilderness animals protect her and guide her through her insecurities and fears.  She is somewhat shy and fearful of trying new things, but wishes she could be as outgoing as her friend Mungo. 


Crunch finds great delight in tactile stimulation. He loves rubbing against tree trunks and rough rocks, and even oozing mud. 

Crunch just loves water – diving, swimming, splashing – even drinking it! He always knows the coolest, deepest, wettest places to go.  He is a bit of a loner (appearing unexpectedly and silently) and sometimes has the tendency to be a bit…err…snappy. 

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