Where do the Iconicles live?

Four distinct areas within the world of Iconicles are each populated by a lovable troupe of animated Iconicles, fronted by a memorable lead character

Naturally inquisitive, impulsive and slightly naïve, Splish and Splash are adorable twin polar bear cubs whose restless energy and constant questioning keeps the other creatures on and around their ice flow on their toes (fins/paws/webbed feet!).

Other characters include Salty the seal, Bubbles the whale, Pele the pelican and Carmen Castenetta the crab

In this tropical world, Rumple the rhino is our lead character. Grumpy, slow and considered, Rumple keeps his other wilderness friends grounded and reminds them that sometimes simple is best.

Other characters are Zee the zebra, Mungo the monkey, Crunch the crocodile, Twinkle the elephant and Skye the giraffe

Skitter the squirrel is busy, compulsive and energetic. Hugely knowledgeable about the natural world, he is the obvious leader of the garden animals.

Other characters include Fetch the dog, Tippy the cat, Mac the mouse, and Shelly the tortoise.

The farmyard is ruled by Miss Moo, a natural-born leader and organiser. Miss Moo keeps the playful farm animals in line, and is always there to offer advice and guidance.

Other characters are Jasmine the owl, Curly the lamb, Dapper the duck, Elvis the horse and Bryn the goat

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