Gavin Stenhouse

Meet Gavin Stenhouse, the up-and-coming young actor who has taken on the role of Nat in Create Media Ventures’ new pre-school series ICONICLES...

Gavin is playing a charismatic young inventor and explorer whose latest creation - a remarkable two- way interactive screen - reveals a magical world inhabited by a troupe of quirky, 2D-animated animal characters.

Gavin StenhouseGavin (24) is a graduate of London’s prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Gavin is currently appearing in the critically acclaimed Richard III with Kevin Spacey and directed by Sam Mendes.Recent credits include the film The Malay Chronicles and the TV series Impossible Love. He has also starred in two films by acclaimed director Kabir Bhalia for the Astro Citra channel, Keabadian Cinta and Akinabalu. A talented musician, who plays the ukulele and didgeridoo as well as the guitar, double bass and flute, Gavin enjoyed a lead role in Bill Kenwright’s 2008 touring musical Can’t Smile Without You. When he’s not working, he's a keen sportsman, enjoying snowboarding, skateboarding, horse riding, archery and swimming.

ICONICLES is being produced for Create Media Ventures by Cardiff-based animation studio Dinamo Productions and the live action elements of the show are being produced at Tinopolis in Llanelli, Wales. Appropriately enough for a TV series being made in Wales, Gavin has Welsh roots (his mother comes from Wales and his grandmother still lives in Ystrad Mynach) and his brother studied animation at the University of Glamorgan!

"Gavin is a fine young actor and natural fit for the role," says Vanessa Chapman, executive producer of ICONICLES. "He projects the innate intelligence, natural curiosity and engaging enthusiasm that are critical to bringing the character of Nat to life."


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