Meet Nat!

Meet Nat - explorer, inventor and friend of the Iconicles!

NatNat is a modern-day explorer and inventor, always thinking up new ways to do things and passionate about finding out how things work.  One of his experiments resulted in the Iconi-Screen, a floating screen system through which he can view and manipulate moving images. 

Whilst surfing content on the Iconi-screen Nat has discovered a world of animated animal characters – The Iconicles – and now, like a modern day David Attenborough, he finds out about the characters and where they live through viewing them as they go about their day. 

Nat’s overriding obsession is to go and join the Iconicles in their world but much to his frustration none of his inventions so far has let him do that.  However, his tinkering and experimentation has opened a portal within the Iconiscreen through which four of the characters (one at a time) can pass through into his live action world (in the form of a 3D CGI chracter). 

As well as viewing the Iconicles, Nat collects information  and facts about them.  He does this by clicking and dragging sequences or images and ‘filing’ them in another part of the screen.  He is genuinely interested in the Iconicles, not just about where and how they live but about what they do and why.

Nat is a very physical character.  His body works as fast as his brain – and that’s fast!  He’s not frenetic though and can be very still when he’s thinking hard about something.  He controls the Iconi-screen through gesture and movement rather than a ‘mouse’ or gadget.  Standing in front of it and using his hands and arms to scroll, zoom and capture images almost like a conductor.

Nat is fun with a great sense of humour, however he is never wacky, goofy, silly or pantomime in his thoughts or actions.  He loves games, both real and virtual, and is just as excited by the thought of playing football or hockey as he is by a game flashing up on his Iconi-Screen.

Nat is also a dreamer – which is why he’s so good at thinking up new stuff – and he is never discouraged by his failure to live out his ultimate dream of visiting the Iconicles.  After all, you discover new things on the way.

Nat is played by actor Gavin Stenhouse.

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