Miss Moo

From the time she was a calf Miss Moo always had leadership skills – so it comes as no surprise that she is the leader Down on the Farm.  Miss Moo has enormous enthusiasm and is always on the lookout for fun activities for the group. But she is a stickler for rules and loves things to be done properly.  She couldn’t be happier than when her friends are engaged in playful activities, knowing that the game was her idea, the rules were her invention and the participants. 

The other farm animals come to Miss Moo with their problems and she always gives them a sympathetic ear. Sometimes she tries to offer solutions when no-one has actually asked her a question or presented her with a problem. But that’s all part of what makes Miss Moo such a valuable friend.  Miss Moo isn’t so much one to jump into activities as to arrange them. She has many ideas about the ‘best’ way to do something and a passion for organization and this extends to the farmyard itself about which she is fastidious.

Where Miss Moo lives: Down on the Farm

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