Salty is an action-junkie extrovert; an energetic explorer who can’t wait to be given a mission so that he can zoom into adventure.  Salty has seen a lot of life in the ocean and is always ready and willing to share his know-how with his friends, whether they ask him to or not. 

A natural showman, Salty always exaggerates his exploits and embellishes his stories - the other Iconicles always take his stories with ‘a pinch of salt’.  Salty can be self-absorbed and sometimes a little selfish, not realizing when he is leaving someone out of the action.  Despite this, the other Iconicles love playing with Salty as he always has a good idea for how to turn a situation into a new game.  Always eager to impress, Salty is quick to learn new tricks, whether it’s a complicated new dive or keepie uppies with a ball he finds on the beach.

Where Salty lives: The Water's Edge

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