Series 1

Snow Time

Snow that has fallen Around the Garden and no one is very pleased.  Warm and dry inside the shed, the Iconicles avoid the icy cold outdoors.  All but Shelly, however, who is having fun outside in the cold, wet snow.  Eventually, everyone decides that ice skating is really exciting,  sledding down the hill is a blast and that they can all enjoy the outdoors in cold weather as well as warm!  Back at the Iconicarium, Nat decides to paint a painting of Miss Moo and then is disappointed with the results.  He gives up on painting and tries his hand at sculpting instead.  But that doesn't turn out

Shelly's Boot Camp

Shelly notices how lazy everyone is Around the Garden and decides to initiate a fitness program. All the Iconicles have their own unique way of exercising and, with Shelly's help, are sure to get fit in no time! Meanwhile, Nat is patiently waiting for the multi-gym he ordered to arrive so he can do all his exercises. He invites big, strong Rumple to the Iconicarium to ask some advice on getting in shape. But when the big box of exercise equipment arrives in the mail, the real work is putting everything together!

Elvis Has Left The Farm Yard

Nat decides to transform his Iconicarium into the snowy wilderness of the Water's Edge, and who better to advise him than Splish and Splash, the polar bear cubs. They soon get it looking wonderful but despite the snow, the cold and the shells Nat realises that there really is no place like home. Through the Iconi-Screen there is a new arrival Down on the Farm - a big, red, shiny tractor. When Elvis the horse discovers that the tractor can do everything around the farm that he usually does, he decides to leave his home.

Don't Look Now

Nat wants to know what it's like to be as tall as Skye the Giraffe so he invents some super tall stilts and invites Miss Moo over to the Iconicarium to find out about why all the Iconicles are different. Through the Iconi Screen, Shelly the Tortoise is very grumpy Round the Garden when Skitter discovers something amazing that you can only see from high up. Tortoises just aren't built for climbing! How can Skitter help Shelly to see what the rest of the Garden animals are seeing?

You and Me

Down on the Farm, an excited Bryn decides that he is going to stay up all night with Jasmine. After dark, Jasmine introduces Bryn to all the special things that only happen during the night. Eventually, the sun comes up and Bryn realizes he's stayed up the entire night through! But now he's so exhausted that he falls right to sleep! That morning, Nat finds a walnut, an acorn and a pine cone. Of course, Skitter loves those treats and comes to visit. When Nat can't believe how springy and energetic Skitter is, Skitter demonstrates how he finds and uses his energy by playing Skitter School.

The Whoo Wack

The polar bear cubs Splish and Splash, come over to see Nat's latest invention - a shoe cleaner. But when Nat goes to get something, Splish and Splash decide to do some inventing of their own. It has unexpected results and neither will own up to Nat about who was responsible. Through the Iconi-Screen Dapper the Duck has had some sleepless nights Down at the Farm and he blames each of his friends in turn. When the farm friends help Dapper track down the noisy culprit Dapper is amazed at who they discover is making those strange whoo whack noises every night.

Show Time

Nat has invented a new machine to help him travel to the world of the Iconicles. But he soon discovers he will need another pair of hands, or paws, to help him get it going. Will Nat finally achieve his ambition to visit the Iconicles? Through the screen, Mac the Mouse is so excited when Skitter the Squirrel suggests a Garden show. If only he could find something that he can do at the show. Tippy the Cat helps Mac to realise that there are many roles in putting on a show, and not all of them are on stage.

Scotty's Bedtime Routine

There's a big search underway at the Water's Edge as Scotty the Puffin loses his special feather that he's had since he was a baby - he just can't sleep without it. His friends are all amazed that such a grown up puffin needs something to help him sleep but they don't realise that their laughter has hurt Scotty's feelings. Meanwhile Nat is in a singing mood and invites Miss Moo through the Iconi-Screen to hear his song about someone special. Miss Moo thinks the song is about her and gets upset when Nat sings a song about another Iconicle instead.

Dapper Duck Messes Up

Down on the Farm it's Bryn the kid goat's birthday and whilst Miss Moo organises his birthday party Dapper Duck is given the task of finding the perfect present. Unfortunately Dapper only chooses things that he would like, not thinking that ducks and goats like different things. Over in the Iconicarium, Nat wants to invite Rumple the Rhino over for Rumple Day a day full of Rumple treats. But even though he is thinking about his friend Nat doesn't listen to what Rumple would really like to do most of all.

King For A Day

Nat wants to know what it's really like to be a rhino, so he invites Rumple over to the Iconicarium to find out, and Rumple soon puts Nat through his rhino paces. Over in the Garden, Tippy decides to hold a competition to see who should be King for the Day and be the one to open the new garden shed, but she's not the only one surprised when Mac the little mouse is the winner.


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