Zee is the ‘Switzerland’ of the group. She does her best to refrain from taking one side over the other in a dispute. In fact, her black-and-whiteness seems to force her into seeing both sides of every issue. Morning is lovely - but afternoon’s nice too, and let’s not forget the beauty of an evening.  

While the others come to Zee for guidance, she’s not really there to supply answers. She’s best at presenting all sides of the issues so that others can make up their own minds. In this way, Zee has gained a reputation as the peacemaker. Present your case to Zee and she’ll most likely agree with you…until your opponent presents their side, and then you’re back to making up your own mind!  Despite her apparent indecisiveness, Zee is a dynamic character and is brighter than she first appears, as she’s usually the one to settle on the best option.

Where Zee lives: The Wild Wild Wilderness

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